Sihanoukville— The Amsterdam of SEA… Only Better

ImageLast weekend we took a class trip to Sihanoukville. It’s about a 4 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to this gorgeous little beach town that is overflowing with tourists, expats, explorers, wanderers, and a few local Khmer residents thrown in between. 


When we arrived at our hotel, which sat on top of a hill above the beach, several of us decided to head straight down to the beach. On the short walk, we were delayed by a herd of cows being roaming through the streets. Awesome, right? A regular occurrence here. I believe the moto in the photo was actually leading the pack, but I’m really not sure.


The beach was amazing of course. We lounged seaside, drank coconut shakes, iced Vietnamese coffee, and ate Khmer cuisine for a whopping total of $7.00 for the entire day. 


In the evening we went to another part of the beach called “Serendipity”. This area isbasically Amsterdam.. only warm.. and on a beach…cheaper… and better. Bar after bar after bar line the beach where there is endless seating in the sand. Not only are there twenty five cent beers during Happy Hour, but there are also these great “Laughing Balloons” for sale at several of the bars. They’re balloons filled with laughing gas. I kid you not. 


The second night we sat at a rooftop bar, watched the sunset. Couldn’t have been a better weekend trip.


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