This is Why I Love China

Peaceful Day in Wuhan

Yesterday I discovered that I have scabies on my face and a viral infection on my leg. Not a big deal, but very hard for me to get treatment here without lots and lots of help. My friend and translator, we’ll call her B, was there with me through the entire process of meeting with the doctor at the massive Chinese hospital, describing my symptoms over and over again to numerous nurses, doctors, and “professors”, taking me from one end of the hospital to the next and back again, and helping me navigate my way through all these places. Hard work translating for someone who is a little bit frustrated, sick, and confused, but I must say B handled it with grace, patience, and more patience.


After the whole debacle of dealing with disinfecting my apartment and taking six different medications, I received a message from B that said “Tomorrow I want to buy some material to (bring) to your apartment and show you how to cook delicious porridge. The doctor said it is better to eat something that tastes light. Is it ok?” So B came over today with her rice, her pork, her mussels, and her lettuce, showed me how to whip of rice porridge, a recipe from her hometown. She was cheerful, concerned with my face and my well being, and incredibly excited to show me how to cook porridge. We ate, we chatted, and we  swapped pictures of our family and hometowns. It was absolutely delightful. This is why I love China. B used her morning off to come and see me even though she had spent several hours of her last few mornings off to help me through this viral and parasitic mess. And she did it all with a smile. So far, this has been my impression of many people here in China– selfless, patient, and caring. Despite the mess of my current skin problems, I feel very lucky to be here with the people that I have met.



5 thoughts on “This is Why I Love China”

  1. Hi Chloe! So bad to hear that you got infection. I think the major problem is because of the air pollution, plus you might eat something unclean(street food). The safest way is to buy some fresh vegetables and cook by yourself and drink as much water as you can. Glad you have good friend in China can help you! Hope you get better soon!



  2. Thanks, Mengqian! Feeling better already. You’re right, the pollution is pretty bad…I wonder if it’s the pollution that made me sick, or the working with kids, or the food! Who knows, it could be so many things! Thank you for the advice. Hope all is well with you.


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