Love in China: 3 Little Moments That Fill My Heart and a Note to Sweetie


I was on a walk with my roommates dog this week, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the day was. The smells of the spring flowers calmed my senses, the light breeze shuffled my hair, and the sun shone on my bronze red hair. My heart felt like the sunshine, beaming and lifted, taking up so much space in my body that it was hard to breathe. Loki and I strolled along the river, watching the kids run to take a dive, the old men fish, and the boats relax on the still water. We kept walking, strolling, running, and watching, and then I broke into song, like in an overhyped episode of Glee.


I find myself, smiling and singing a lot these days. It’s generally during the oddest of situations that would no doubt cause a passerby to question my sanity. But people act crazy when they’re in love, right? And I am deeply infatuated.


Here are three moments of love that I’ve appreciated this week, and a note to my inspiration.

Loki Lai
Loki Lai


Love for development

I watch a group of grandparents brandishing their children’s children, puffy tots in giraffe parachute suits with the splits up the backside. A woman sees her grandson fall onto the pavement, and when he nearly smacks his head, she freezes. The next few seconds are critical in deciding how to react to his tumble. She could comfort him into tears which would perhaps foster the need for attention, but instead she decides to scold him for being careless.

Love for peers

I see the kids at primary school crowd around a crying boy. Some stare, some whisper to each other, but most stand and watch in uncertain silence as they wait for an adult to dry his tears. One of my six year old students, whose chosen English name is Apple, leans in, pats his back, and starts to nod her head as if listening to the woeful story that his distressed sobs sing. Her little bun bounces against the rhinestone barrettes sparkling in her hair. She grabs something from her pocket and puts it on his desk. When I walk by, I see that it’s the sticker she won in class that day.

Love for mothers

I open the package that my mother sent me for my birthday, and I am overwhelmed with a maelstrom of affection, longing, and the need to hug someone. Inside is a small pink dolphin keychain. I give the little treasure to one of my five year old students. When I tell her it’s from the States, a small smile breaks out on her face, and she cups the toy as if she’s holding a precious secret. She names it Flower, and they start to share stories while she and her aunt wait for the rain to calm just enough for the walk home.


Relaxing Boat and Fishing People
Relaxing Boat and Fishing People


You inspire me…

To my lovely curmudgeon

You make me feel like superwoman.

I can do anything, and my capabilities are endless, but it’s easy to forget that I can’t do it all.

Thank you for reminding me to just pick one, or two, or three. Only then can I dive and hope for flight.

You make the decisions easy because you’ve cleared my mind. With this clarity, I can see my purpose, and my priorities have adapted to take me there. Today, tomorrow, and the next day, I will do my best. I know that I can be my best, because now, I am free to live outside the constraints of the mind.

I need nothing because everything I have is more than I will ever need.

These cliches that fall from my mouth are products of memories that I’d forgotten, but now I remember why I lived them in the first place.

Please continue to keep me grounded, and I will soar beyond your expectations because I set my own.

Without you, my convictions were wavering, but now I am confident in the roots that define me. I believe in children, in people, in love, and I will always believe in the potential of little moments.

Thank you for your love, my dear Wuhan.

 I’ve fallen for you, and in this happy place, I will forever stay.






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