My Disclaimer

Ice Cream in Cambodia

I must confess. If you’re looking for Debbie’s cousin, you won’t find her here. This is not a sequel, prequel, or side story to “Debbie Does Dallas”. I know. You’re disappointed. Aren’t we all? Most likely, there will be no porn published on this blog.

“So why, Chloe, why would you chose the title of ‘Chloe Does China’?” you ask.

For several reasons actually.

1. It’s easy to remember.

2. It leaves room for a series as I plan to “do” many places.

3. And because I plan to “do” China.

That still sounds bad. “Do” meaning I plan to do everything I can to throw myself into this experience . “Do” meaning I do want to overwhelm myself with the craziness of life and perspective that I don’t currently understand. “Do” as in I don’t want to be a tourist in the massive city of Wuhan, and I will do my best to become apart of the local culture and expat community. Immerse myself. Do China.

Corny. But it works out.

In other news.. This disclaimer is also about me. I’m 23. I’m an amateur at most things, but I like it that way because I’m always learning and always changing. Maybe someday I’ll be one of those “professionals” but I’m avoiding that as long as possible. With that being said, I am very ready to give teaching English in Wuhan my heart and dedication, and I plan on having a blast while doing it. See what I did there.

Please enjoy my silly little blog. It’s for my people, who I love. Read it or look at the pictures. Either way, stay in touch and don’t be afraid to drop me a line. I may always be gone, but I’ll always care (most of the time). Love to all you crazies out there.

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