6 Months in China?!

I can’t believe it’s been six months since I’ve arrived here.

I still feel like a noob. My Chinese is still horrendous, and I still feel lost in this massive city of awesomeness.

But I love the crap out of every moment here.

Primary school starts up again next week, and I need to pump myself up to give those awesome kids an awesome teacher, so it’s time to review, revaluate my priorities, and post some pictures that have been crying for attention in my iPhoto database.

Quick! Review!

I love this place. It’s been crazy so far. But worth every moment. Now that I’ve got six months under my belt, I feel a little bit more prepared to keep going, and to suck the life out of every experience that presents itself. And I’m going to keep being a happy madre puta doing China like it’s my job.  Doing it, doing it, doing it.


Obviously, I want to stay happy, healthy, and busy, but my biggest priorities for the next few months is to dive headfirst into Chinese, save money to pay off my monstrous student loans, and to eat less ice cream. I make no promises on the last one.

And photos!

Check out some random photos.


Marketing. A little boy had just ran away from me because I was trying to give him an Aston flier. Oops!
Marketing. A little boy had just ran away from me because I was trying to give him an Aston flier. Oops!
This is China. Lots of people. And Markets.
Last day of primary school = peace signs and table dancing. 
My adorable mob. And a sweaty teacher.
Just some guns, brass knuckles, and beating sticks being sold at one of the many markets. NBD.
love in zhongshan
This was on a trip to Zhong Shan Park. All of those fliers are parents and grandparents pimping out their children. When I asked my students they said they usually say things like “My son is very rich, handsome and looking for a beautiful young wife.” Pretty awesome and an everyday event.
This is the gorgeous palace from Cambodia!
Did you know that China is crowded? Ya? Oh. Well. Here’s a picture.

standsandcouplesDSCN1066DSCN0980 peace


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