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Why I No Longer Think Selfies are Stupid

Show your beauty

Selfie with the Bestie
Selfie with the Bestie

The Selfie

I remember when “Selfie” was added to the dictionary. My first thought was “Good lord, way to glorify the obsession with ourselves and beauty and the shallow people that need to be told their beautiful…” Etcetera, etcetera. I know. I apologize for my jerk-faced judgements that were running through my head. When I was down, I wanted everyone to be down with me. So it was easy to be a hater because I hated myself, how I looked, and, well everything. I think negativity is just as contagious as positivity, but it might be more potent, and just a little over a year ago, I was pretty toxic.

Recently an old friend added me to the “Post-five-pictures-that-make-you-feel-beautiful-facebook-challenge-thing”, and my old negative self groaned on the inside. Selfies still make me insecure because I have thought they were so silly for so long.

But after thinking about it, I’ve decided that selfies are a form of empowerment. Don’t we all want to feel beautiful? And isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder?  And if we don’t see ourselves as beautiful, who will? Sometimes all we need is a little reassurance that other people think we are pretty too. Life is simple. We want to be pretty because life tries to convince  us over and over again that we need to be attractive in order to be accepted, loved, and overall happy.

I sincerely believe we are all beautiful, but we have to see that within ourselves before we will ever believe that someone else can also think we are beautiful. 

So post those selfies. Because we are all pretty. Let it shine.

Show your sexy face, flaunt your flaws, and emerge yourself in your imperfections until you love those stretch marks on your side because those are the scars of where you have been and also the proof of how far you have come.

Love those stupid spider veins that crack into your skin because they are a reminder of the way your body moves and the positions that have engraved themselves upon you.

Enjoy the wrinkles that are already forming on your neck because they are a reminder of the neck that has held your head high even when you felt like sinking into surrender.

Love the crook in your nose because it’s the same nose that your mother has and love those dark circles under your eyes because it reminds you of the days you put Preparation H cream on them to try to look less like your Dad and more like that beautiful Spanish mother of yours.

And love that stupid mustache that will always grow back because it’s a reminder of your hairy father and that nice head of hair he gave you.


We all have imperfections, and we can let those imperfections swallow us, or we can embrace those weird somethings that make us perfectly human. Selfies are nice because it’s a reminder that the people who love us think we are beautiful too. It’s okay to want to be pretty, because we are.


Here are five photos that make me feel pretty, from my past, present, and hopeful future. Defenses down, selfies up.

Photo on 2012-05-02 at 07.49 Photo on 2012-12-04 at 20.34 #2 Photo on 2011-09-23 at 22.48Photo on 6-19-14 at 1.47 PMselfies2

Thanks for the inspiration,  M.